Bad Art: The Natsumi

I did a sketch and cleanup of a larger view of Natsumi. Hopefully she won’t get mad if she sees this (I’m married to her now!).

As in other images I touched up, I’ve put the intermediate stages here, beginning with the raw photo of the sketch, moving through stages of touch-up in gimp.


Raw sketch image.

Make it look like the outline of an 8-bit game character…

Sketch with big chunks of the background removed.

Sketch with big chunks of the background removed.

A bit more detailed outline work…


Sketch after detailed outline removal.

After getting a bit of the easy smudge work out of the way…


Sketch after some early smudge work.

Now a bit more detail work…


Sketch after some detail smudge work.

And some brightness/contrast work…


The sketch after some brightening.

It appears I stopped here. I never did refine the hard pencil outlines. Meh.

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