US DoD CAC Setup Instructions for Linux
(and other, lesser *nixes)

2013-04-21: I received a lot of mail recently about problems on Debian derived distros about Firefox crashing on CAC insertion. Please see this post about it. I need more information about the problem before I can do anything or recommend a fix. If you have this problem please leave a note on the post indicating your distro name, version, Firefox version, coolkey package version, etc. to help others out.

Fedora 13

NOTE: Confirmed on Fedora 14 as-is
Confirmed through Fedora 15 + Firefox 3.22
(so far not on Firefox 5+)

Ubuntu 10.4 LTS

NOTE 1: Confirmed on Ubuntu 11+
and Firefox 3.2x as-is
(so far not on Firefox 5+)

NOTE 2: Confirmed to work on Ubuntu 11+
and more recent versions of Firefox with
144k+ CACs by replacing CoolKey with CACKey.
Ironically, MilForge requires a CAC login to access it...

NOTE: This is not the LibreCAD Bounce or pre-release RPMs page. That is located here.

What these guides are:

Post-installation guides for users of Unix-like systems (Fedora, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Mac OS X/Darwin, BSD, AIX, etc.) who need a step-by-step instructional on how to set up standard CAC readers (SCR331 smartcard readers) for use with web-based systems such as AKO/DKO, DTS, RMT, OWA, etc. These guides also briefly cover increasing media functionality to include plugins and codecs necessary for some government websites (such as TraX). The media aspects of this tutorial may be legally gray – not because you are doing anything wrong, but because the crotchety old stooges in Congress who make the rules did not understand the technical arguments against the DCMA (nor where it was coming from) and have criminalized many aspects of mathematics and individual scientific exploration in the process (oops!). These guides assume you already have a freshly (or not-so-freshly) installed system, have root privileges and know how to navigate to a shell from the graphical desktop.

What these guides are not:

Full post-installation guides to cover everything you ever wanted to do with your system like play WoW on Wine, run a Freenet node, be a Hax0r, or even a real hacker.

These are not guides for Windows users. The definitive resource for Windows CAC issues is maintained at
I would like to extend a huge thanks to CW3 Danberry, maintainer of, for his input and detailed proofreading of my (shaky) prose.

What happened to these guides (?!?):

I have left the military, no longer have access to a CAC and so can no longer continue development or testing on these projects -- which makes maintaining tutorials pretty much impossible as well. I also have no time for this at the moment anyway, as I have recently started an open-source company here in Japan (major time eater!). I may wind up back in the Army again if things don't turn out well, but if I do I'll almost definitely wind up back on a team with no time to devote to open source projects -- at least for a while.

In other news, I am involved in a promising new CAD project (among others) and am currently hosting the (underdeveloped) wiki/documentation project for it here.

I am considering creating a wiki space for CAC-on-Linux here to give the community a chance to maintain these tutorials, but I do need a maintainer to come forward first so I can be sure that it won't become a wikified spam-dump. Providing space and ad-free, flash-free, irritant-free hosting here is not an issue, and just about every credible link to CAC on Linux points here anyway, but with no wiki maintainer to tend to things I just don't think its reasonable to go to the trouble.

If you happen to want to volunteer to maintain CAC on Linux information, please let me know and we can work something out.

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