zxq9's Erlang Stuff


Official Language Docs

22.0 Docs Mirror (R22.0, ERTS-11.0)

21.0 Docs Mirror (R21.0, ERTS-10.0)

20.3 Docs Mirror (R20.3, ERTS-9.3)

19.1 Docs Mirror (R19.1, ERTS-8.1)

18.0 Docs Mirror (R18.0, ERTS-7.0)

Project Docs

ZX/Zomp docs (development, packaging, distribution and launching tool suite for Erlang)

ZJ docs (JSON encoder/decoder)

zuuid docs (UUID v1~5 generator)

zxWidgets docs


The ErlMUD Commentaries

[blog] The most basic Erlang service ⇒ worker pattern

[SO] Erlang Processes vs Java Threads

[SO] Function chaining in Erlang

[SO] recursion - Explanation of lists:fold function

[SO] if statement - Erlang: nested cases

[blog] Messaging: Part 1 and Part 2

[blog] Pure Declarations in Erlang

Code, Repos, etc.

ZX - Utility for Erlang development, distribution, release and launching

Zomp - Server component of the ZX/Zomp system

zj - Tiny, portable JSON parser in pure Erlang

zuuid - Standard compliant UUID generator in Erlang

ErlMUD source on GitLab

zxWidgets - Metawidget library for using wx in Erlang