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The majority of the articles here deal with geopolitics, computing, me-centric stuff, technology’s impact on humanity, wimmin, or whatever generally in that order of frequency.

One of my goals is to practice writing. If you have any suggestions please let me know here: zxq9@zxq9.com. I would appreciate any constructive input. Any serious, on-topic discussions or debates are also welcome. Arguments which amount to “I hate {Bush,Republicans}!” or “this is all his (whoever) fault” or “bu-bu-but, but, Obama is a nigger!!!” and other such nonsense will simply not make their way onto the site (but maybe “I hate Federalism” could be an interesting position, if you can articulate just why you hate it and how that makes sense).

Note for the angry, stupid or stupid and angry:
Arguing on the Internet is like competing in the Special Olympics; whether you win or lose, you're still retarded.
Over the years it has become apparent that some of the things I write about (especially politics and geopolitics) clash violently with the worldview of many a media consumer. This is OK, even if it makes you want to clash violently with me. But if it makes you want to clash with me on the internet then you’re too stupid to bother responding to. What I’m getting at is if something I wrote upset you the point that you aren’t thinking clearly enough to write coherent sentences, then don’t write anything — calm down before trying to post a comment. I approve comments contrary to my positions, and I respond to them. But I don’t approve giant walls of incoherent, misspelled, typo-ridden, mono-case full of nothing but unenlightened rage at the way things are.

Life lesson:
“Most important times to doubt your own abilities? Hmmm… immediately after you’ve watched enough Jackie Chan and Shaolin Soccer to think you know Kung Fu.”
-Me 2008.11.15

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Spot on. I’d prefer if the waking nightmare called “social media” that consumes so much of first-worlders’ time these days stayed somewhere else. I can’t say that YouTube comments don’t have a lot to teach about the state of the semi-educated on line, though.

    Also, I’m the only one allowed to be wrong and still act pretentiously around here. I don’t like that sort of competition.

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