Funeral protesting church contradicting itself

We’ve all heard about the church that’s protesting military funerals, holding signs up like “God hates fags”, “Too late to pray” and other such nonsense. Their position is that since the US “supports” homosexuality, all US soldiers go to Hell. Moreover, they maintain that our casualties in Iraq are caused by God’s anger at the US for its pruported “support” of homosexuality.


I’m pretty sure the US “position” (if there is such a thing) on gays goes something like this: Say whatever you want about fags, that’s your business; do whatever you want with your genetalia, that’s your business also. Sounds pretty fair. Permission to talk crap about men who like penis in their butts (within limits, of course) and permission to have a penis in your butt if you want to. Doesn’t sound so much like support as just an individual right to be gay or not or whatever. Who really cares?

Oh yeah… Those guys

I find this to be a quite contradictory message. For one, the US casualties in Iraq are extremely low. Ridiculously low, in fact. Taking out the strongest Arab army in the world proved to be a piece of cake for all those American fag lovers  and fighting the big bad insurgency hasn’t really cost much more than would have been lost on military-related accidents over the same period anyway. Second, this group isn’t at the courthouse in Hawaii, California or anywhere in New England protesting state sactioned gay marriage, they are protesting the military which is the last remaining American institution, public or private, where homosexuality is officially not tolerated. Whoops… missed your target a little there…

If God is trying to show us that He’s all worked up about us supporting gays, He’s certainly choosing a circumspect and very low-key way of doing it. In fact, I’d go so far as saying that God hasn’t decided to let his (supposed) discomfort with the state of American sexuality generally known or felt. This is assuming that homosexuality is a big enough deal that He would choose that over good old fashioned heterosexual rape to get upset about in the first place. It sounds a lot to me like this particularly ungracious pastor has jumped to some wild conclusions in persuit of his own private hatreds to me. That is to say, he, not God, is certainly confident that our Iraq casualties are due to the existence of an active butt-sex community in the US and he wants us to know it.

In the interest of fairness, I should say that I’m a Methodist. I suppose that makes me only a little-bit Christian in these people’s eyes. These folks missed the point about man’s inability to judge another in a spiritual sense. Anyway, anti-Biblical Christians being intolerant does fit the media’s agenda much better than intolerance being enforced through Islam, so the media should continue to be on this like flies on shit.

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