Big news! A well-written political article!

This blew me away. I’ve never seen a well-written, balanced article about politics come from the AP. Lately, the AP has decided that they’re all a bunch of Dick Traceys and have been conducting “investigations” and things instead of just reporting the news. In other words, they have often been guilty of trying to seed the headlines to generate news rather than merely reporting it. Its better for business, I suppose.


Anyway, check this article out. It covers the key differences between the Democrats and the Republican (including the White House) spending policies. Without getting into gory details and exhaustive anti-Republican ranting, this articles simply lays out what is going on and what the status of current bills are.

The publication of a balanced political article is big news of its own. Lately more AP articles in the Politics section have read more like editorials than news items. This is completely the opposite, and I’m impressed.

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