When you get as much spam as I do in a day you begin to question the nature of man and force yourself to look deeply into the rotten abyss of the internet.

Like many internet users I have multiple email addresses. I found this to be the only viable solution to the ridiculous spam problem. I have one email address for registrations, one as a spam-catcher that can be publicly posted, and a few very private ones that go away the minute they start catching hell.

The one I use for registration at registration-required websites is now getting more spam than the one I use for public postings. This is amazing to me. I just dumped my spam box yesterday before realizing that Fate would have me run a spam experiment. Once my box fills up again, I will post a screenshot of the insane amount of spam I receive. To give you some idea, I receive about 6000 spam mails per month that Yahoo Japan’s mail service catches, and about another 2000 that it doesn’t.

Most of them are rehashes on the same theme:

  • Make my penis bigger
  • Get an easy girlfriend
  • Hook up with a slut (variation on the above)
  • Cum more (variation on the first)
  • Viagra (yet anther variation on the first)
  • Other penis-related drugs (penis thing is getting old, eh?)
  • Breast enlargement (finally! one for the ladies!)
  • Bad stock advice

Funny. The last one is the only one that doesn’t have sex involved in it. Sex is a strong force in my life, but this is out of hand. Are there really people out there so desperate that they would ever seriously consider altering their man-tools according to instructions received in chronically misspelled unsolicited emails from shady types? Wow!

The last one there, bad stock advice, is funny. Its all sex until it comes to money. And then its all money until it comes to sex, because every smart man knows that enough money can buy you all the sex you want, along with a free side of penis compliments and fake orgasm noises., thus eliminating the need for enlargements. The reason I think its funny is that the whole purpose of spam is to make money for someone, certainly not the recipient.

How does spam make money though? I have no clue. It seems like an awful lot of work, really, and I think that an honest job must net you far more in the end than any volume of bogus mail would.

So I’m going to embark on a new journey. I will first try to track down who is sending assloads of spam, and then I will try to emulate them and let you know how and if it actually does make anyone money — or if its really just a massive waste of ninja technology.

I can’t explain my experiment in complete detail here, since I might leak something key and therefore upset the experiment. I’ll make a (bad) website about it and explain everything I’m up to — and hopefully shed some light on this dubious subject.

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