Recently returned, Playing catch up

I received more than a few emails asking why I haven’t updated anything lately. What with the Cold War II predictions I made in August, July, May, and April coming true, Hezbollah becoming more dynamic and reshaping itself in new ways and Israel playing an odd role at odd times here and there, it would seem that I am really falling down on my game. I have taken a little time to privately respond to a few people but haven’t had the time and chance to do enough study to write anything of consequence and post.

I finally have found myself in a somewhat more reliable internet situation and am sifting through thousands of bits and pieces of information to try and get a good grip on what is going on before I start putting my feet squarely in my mouth. Writing takes a lot more time than reading, however, and I should be on my feet soon. Of course, I’ll probably be getting busy again soon and that might put a halt on all zxq9 all over again… unless I magically pick up a sponsor or get a desk job. Speaking of sponsorships, I am still looking to do a debunking of Super-Size Me, and who knows where that will lead.

As far as planned geopolitics stuff goes I plan to give a run-down on why the Monroe Doctrine is so strategically important for America, blather on (briefly) about the world economy and how Saudi can have Iran (and Venezuela) by the balls by producing more than their quota of oil and how this can play into an American deflection of Russian ploys, the way Cold War II is shaping up, and seems to be renewed evidence that the EU is already a completely meaningless organization.

Give me another week or so…


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