Economy: How to Spark the American Recovery

Sparking an economic boom in the United States is quite easy. American economic booms are based on two things:

  • Opportunity
  • Excitement

The necessary talent, geography, resources and hustle for success are basic to the American composition — by far the greatest strategic assets of the nation.

The necessary ingredient to for opportunity is merely the permission to try new things. This means one thing: Deregulation.

Deregulate! Opportunity is inherently exciting to the most aggressive Americans. Be explicit and loud about removing regulations. Remove from their minds the idea that “I have a good idea, but it’s probably too expensive to even hire a lawyer to find out if it’s legal to try. Or if I even start my business will probably just get banned and be left in the hole.” As a trivial example, stop issuing citations for kids trying to run lemonade stands (that’s a real thing — I’m not joking). It is an off-the-wall example and sometimes people might laugh about it, but it plants a poisonous seed in the minds of adults who become more fearful about even attempting to run even a simple business.

Deregulate deeply! Most of what passes for labor and safety law are anti-competitive barriers masquerading as public service. It is telling that most business regulations are and were lobbied for by the big, established players in the industries they regulate. Of course they aren’t looking to make their own business more difficult, they are instead looking to make the cost of entering into competition so high that small, aggressive players won’t even go to the trouble.

Deregulate SMBs! Let the SMB boom naturally come back. SMBs are the fastest to start up, fastest to pivot, fastest to hire, and lowest systemic risk to “the system” (no fears of “too big to fail”), and by far the most willing to innovate. This is even true in Africa — an entire continent that has hamstrung its SMBs and startups as an outcome of decades of chasing globalist Marxist rhetoric (it is easy to push such rhetoric there because it masquerades as “anti-colonialist”). No place can survive African style SMB regulations.

Deregulation, not bailouts, is what will allow Americans to save themselves from prior mistakes. Nothing else will. You have to spark activity or else the numbers on the dollar bills won’t mean anything to begin with. If the meaning of money changes (and there is a strong risk this may happen) no bailout will matter because the price of any random product could easily become “none to be had at any price“.

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