DayZ SA v1.07 Controls Cheatsheet

Just to make DayZ even more hardcore than it already is there is no manual and no tutorial area to cut your teeth. Instead, you just get your teeth smashed out and die until you figure out what’s going on (then you die in more interesting ways). Here is a cutdown of the basic default controls in the game.

For a more complete reference check your options menu.

Control Table (defaults)

MouseCharacter’s bearing
ALT/*Free look
V/ENTERToggle 1st/3rd person view (if 3rd is allowed)
W/A/S/DCharacter’s direction (foward/back and strafe left/right)
Q/ELean left/right
L CTRLWalk/Jog (hold for momentary toggle, double-tap to toggle)
L SHIFTSprint (hold for momentary, no toggling)
SPACEJump (character may use hands to assist)
CTap to toggle stand/crouch (hold to lay prone)
TABInventory screen
R MouseHold to raise/employ held item (raise gun, fists, etc.)
L MouseMain action (fire weapon, punch, select/drag item, etc.)
M MouseZoom (employs optics/weapon sights if at the ready)
FAlternate action (buttstroke with weapon, open door, etc.)
GDrop or throw held item
RChamber a round/cycle the action (clear a jam)
XToggle held weapon’s firing mode (semi/full auto)
PGUPElevate weapon sights (adjust zero up) if possible
PGDNLower weapon sights (adjust zero down) if possible
LActivate night vision/special optics
L CTRLHold breath (reduces aiming float)
(spacebar)Rotate selected/dragged item in inventory
` (backtick)Toggle item/action hotkey in HUD
09Item/action hotkeys (assignable in game)
Cycle voice volume (whisper/talk/shout)
/Text chat (you should really use voice if possible)
F1F11Gestures (play with this to learn them)
F12Screenshot (Steam default)


When driving vehicles the WASD movement controls work as expected, the mouse looks around, Q/E shift gears down/up respectively, and L Shift activates turbo (same as sprinting).


Many items in the game can affect other items or be used for crafting. To craft a stone knife from two small stones, for example:

  1. Open the inventory screen and place one in your hands (drag to the “held” box below the character)
  2. Drag the other one to the “held” box — the right side will say “replace”, the left will say “combine”. Drop it into “combine”.
  3. Exit the inventory screen and you will see the tool-tip tell you to press and hold the left mouse button (or “F” key) to craft a stone knife.

In the same way, fast loading of magazines can be accomplished by placing a magazine in your hands, then dragging the appropriate ammunition to “combine” and then holding the action button to pump rounds into it without dragging individual rounds in.


To eat an item, hold it in your hand. If it is a canned item you will need to open it before eating it. If it doesn’t have an easy opener you’ll need a can opener (best) or something with an edge like a knife (not too bad), an axe (spills quite a bit), or improvised stone knife (spills up to 40% of the contents, but better than starving).


To loot a container (locker, barrel, backpack/clothes on the ground, etc.) or a body (dead zombie or dead/unconscious player, etc.) simply stand near it and activate the inventory screen. You can freely move items around as long as they fit.

2 thoughts on “DayZ SA v1.07 Controls Cheatsheet

  1. ok I am holding a apple in my hand… NOW HOW do I eat it? I have a soda in m hand… HOW do I drink it? I am on PC using mouse and keyboard.

    1. There are usually little tool tips that will appear under the label of the item you have in your hand on the left side of the screen. A little icon of the mouse with a button highlighted or a keyboard key will indicate what you can do with the item in your hand.

      In the case of food push and hold the left mouse button and you’ll eat/drink.

      To drink at a well/stream/lake you need to press and hold “F” (be careful of drinking from ponds and streams without vitamins or having a weakened immune system — high chance you’ll get sick).

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