Day 30, Summary Data

Unfortunately the digital data for days 28 through 30 was lost before I could write the final three days of posts. All data on hardcopy (food receipts, nutrition information and the final medical testing information) still exists and whatever was able to be scannable I have posted below. I’ll eventually format this into a table, but for now the images will have to do!

The results of my blood tests at day 0, day 15, day 30 and day 45 (15 days after returning to a normal diet) are posted below. McDonald’s did not have any significant effect on my blood levels, though working out at such a high intensity across the month certainly had some impact, though nothing unexpected according to the doctors.

The killer finding turned out to have nothing to do with health and everything to do with cost. McDonald’s is expensive! It cost me about $750 to eat at McDonald’s for one month — and I’m just one person! This explodes the myth that “poor people are fat because they have to eat at McDonald’s”. It appears more like that poor people who eat at McDonald’s are poor because they throw their money at nonsense luxuries like McDonald’s instead of saving it and cooking at home!

Blood work from 2009-05-09
Blood work from 2009-05-23
Blood work from 2009-06-09
Blood work from 2009-06-23
Vitals (body composition, etc.) scans from 2009-05-09 and 2009-05-23
Caloric intake and cost per day throughout the month.
~$750 for one person for one month! AH!

2 thoughts on “Day 30, Summary Data

  1. Wow…$750 for 1 person. I will stick to my beans, rice and frozen veggies lol. Good job getting this though and I am surprised at how your liver enzymes went down in the 3rd test instead of up. Maybe it had to do with being sick?

    1. Yeah, it was surprisingly expensive for one person. Shocked me how much it costs to eat out like that three times a day, especially with that much volume. As for enzyme levels — no idea, but it certainly could have had something to do with getting sick right in the middle of it.

      I hate being sick. It turns me into a meanie.

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