Filming starts today

After almost a full month of unexpected complications which have set back my starting date for the McDonald’s experiment I am finally starting filming today. That is actually not entirely accurate, I started filming Day 0 yesterday because I had to get blood tests and a health consultation on film before I start eating nothing but McDonald’s. Additionally we took some practice shots in the locations I will be frequenting over the next month because we don’t know what we’re doing yet, and they might work their way into a finished piece as background information. So to be perfectly accurate, today is the first day of eating McDonald’s. I had an amazing meal last night at a place I’d never been to and it made me sad to know that I will be missing out on such excellent food for a full month!

I will be working over the next four weeks to get the editing, page format decisions, sound, extra information, and all other elements organized into a coherent package that will accurately express what I will do and what will happen to me over the next month. That is going to be pretty tricky because I’m aiming to express what will happen in a 24 hour period in a series of roughly 10 minute clips for every day of the experiment. I’ve never made so much as a home video before so I’ll likely have to spend a lot more time thinking and re-editing/sequencing my videos than I spend actually doing meaningful edits.

So today is Day 1. I’ll print a timeline and build a new part of this website to house the goings on of the McDonald’s experiment. I’m trying to think of a good name for the series also… maybe since I’m primarily following a boxing/jiu-jitsu/MMA workout regimen something along the lines of “Fast Food Fighter” would be alliteratively appealing. Ideas are welcome.

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