Day 5, Fatigue

Its day 5 of the process and I’m feeling pretty worn out. I’ve felt this way before, though, during physically demanding courses or training up for competitions in the past. That indicates that this has a lot less to do with McDonald’s than it does my physical condition going into this. If this wacky diet is not to blame then I should feel a bit better next Thursday (a week from now) than I do today.

This is the closest thing to a happy face I can work up right now

Some folks would say that my routine to this point has been too intense and some would say it has been too lax. Most of those people either are niche atheletes who are focused on strength, size, speed or endurance and not combining all three and throwing hundreds of kicks and punches every day, or have never taken part in a serious training and conditioning program of their own and are simply repeating factoids they read somewhere in Men’s Health (or other gayware magazines full of advertising hype) or the internet about the “perfect” workout.

Talking with my boxing trainer yesterday

I’ve got time to write today because its a lifting only day. I’m doing shoulders in about an hour and its a realatively easy day. I’m glad it is too, because as I mentioned above, I feel pretty worn out. I’m not tired in any specific place and I’m not really sore right now — my trainup over the last two weeks generally took care of that — I’m just tired in the middle. That is to say, I feel tired in the diaphragm when I breath, my ribs feel like they are tired, I taste acid when I exhale when I’m resting. I’m that sort of tired. That’s a sign that I need a rest day anyway, at least a day of rest from heavy cardio output.

Feeling tired in the corner before sparring yesterday

I may be pushing it a little bit too hard to suddenly on cardio by essentially doing two cardio workouts a day in addition to weight lifting. Time will tell. When I trained up for jiu-jitsu tournments a long time ago I used to do cardio (running or biking), then lift weights, then roll — every day. It may be that Muay Thai is either something I’m simply not accustomed to so its whipping my ass or that boxing is generally more cardio oriented than ground fighting is in general.

…and its all powered by this…

Evening Workout

I shut the inner wimp up and went to the gym for shoulders despite the feeling that I should either curl up in a ball and die or give it a pass. I shouldn’t give it a pass and I know that, though running and boxing are a safe no-go today. I had a good workout in that it felt good and afterwards I felt refreshed and like a new person. That’s the best thing about going to the gym when I’m feeling sluggish. I seriously need to organise my workout data for presentation. I only did three exercises today: shrugs, upright row and overhead press, but it makes all the difference to do something rather than fart around being lazy.

I totally didn’t feel like doing anything right then… neither did the (useless) dog…

My workout looked about like this:

Barbell shrugs

20 reps * 2 sets @ 70kgs
10 reps * 2 sets @ 110kgs
20 reps * 2 sets @ 70kgs

Upright row (barbell)

20 reps @ 20kgs
12 reps @ 25kgs
10 reps @ 30kgs
8 reps @ 35kgs
6 reps @ 40kgs
12 reps @ 30kgs

Shoulders Day = Funny Faces Day… Ha ha ha!

Overhead press (barbell)

12 reps @ 20kgs
10 reps @ 30kgs
8 reps @ 40kgs
6 reps @ 40kgs
12 reps @ 30kgs

More unintended facial comedy…

As you can see, I didn’t try to kill myself at all today. My shoulders are pretty worn out from throwing however many thousands of punches I’ve thrown this week and I just didn’t have the confidence to try tossing 60kgs over my head without an experienced spotter to back me up. That being said, this workout felt pretty nice, I was able to execute everything in good form with a decent level of difficulty and I ended my workout feeling on top of the world. Yay me.

Then I cleaned up and went to McDonald’s to nom nom nom…

…nom nom nom nom nom… ugggghhhh…

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