The Three Flavors of “Globalism”

There are three flavors of “globalism” right now. The distinctions are important.

  1. Global Trade: The original Eisenhower globalism was “free movement of goods, not free movement of people.” (The idea of “free movement of people” only existed at that time in global Marxist theory.)
  2. American Empire: After the Cold War the professional political class believed “history is over” and other such nonsense and believed that instead of traditional American balance of powers the US system could become globally dominant the way the British Empire had and simply force anyone to do what Washington wanted. These are the American Imperialists, and politically and economically are technically fascist.
  3. Globohomo: This term was originally derived from the WEF’s own catch phrase “Global Homogenization” though the inextricable link to the radical LGBT+ political agenda legitimizes the tongue-in-cheek meaning. The Postmodern take on globalism is a resurrection of Marx’s dream of global governance, erasure of borders, abolition of culture, language, family, history, etc. but with different (usually fake environmentalist) branding. “Free movement of people, but there are no goods to even move.” This is Globohomo. This ideology is narcissistic nihilism in political form, and collectively suicidal (one underlying belief is that humanity is a disease).

JFK and Trump are global trade (Type 1) globalists — which isn’t “globalist” at all by the Globohomo (Type 3) definition, and really just means mutual nationalism combined with a guarantee of freedom of navigation to ensure trade can flow and piracy won’t be a problem, the idea being that trade generally promotes prosperity and peace.

Bush, the Clintons, neocons, Monoparty, EverWar, etc. and anyone who has been in Congress longer than 10 years are American Empire (Type 2) globalists. They are enemies of the Type 3 globalists, but willing to unite to get rid of the Bad Orange Man and criminalize MAGA if they can — each faction planning to off the other once the job is done.

Obama, Gates, Schwab, Soros, etc. are various sub-type of Globohomo pozzed global authoritarians (Type 3).

The American Empire is currently in an unstable alliance of convenience with their othertimes arch rival, Globohomo. This unsteady alliance has come about in an effort to defeat the MAGA idea, get rid of The Orange Man, criminalize nationalism, and so on. Where they differ is in whether the US needs to be weakened or strengthened, and whether humans are an asset or a cancer.

This unholy alliance is the greatest threat the American Republic has ever faced.

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