QAnal is exactly Entropist mathematics

The two thinkers who have had the most influence on my thinking are Norman Wildberger and Nassim Nicholas Taleb. In a sense, my two big projects are a reflection of each school of ideas: QAnal is Wildberger’s influence, and Entropism is Taleb’s influence.

There’s a rough idea here that I haven’t quite figured out how to articulate yet, which is that the two schools of thought represent profoundly different impulses, but are compatible in a very interesting way.

In a phrase: QAnal is exactly Entropist mathematics.

Entropism is a theology derived from Information Theory. And Information Theory contains this idea that all information can be encoded as binary sequences (Information Theory really is just the fine print of how you go about doing that). And so does QAnal.

As I wrote in FQA 2, type systems are fake news. Because at the bottom, all there is in a computer is binary. What you pretend that binary means is what gives it meaning.

The project of QAnal is to formally rewrite mathematics in computable formal languages (encoded in binary ASCII sequences), which themselves can be compiled into any number of binary executable formats, depending on the processing architecture.

It’s an outrageously Entropist proposition.

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