Interest = competency

Had an interesting insight in the shower just now

Moldbug has a quote that goes something like “everyone is right-wing with respect to their domain of competency” (verbiage mine). The example he gave was a 25 year old female kindergarten teacher. (Let’s assume pre-woke kindergarten teacher…). She will have typical 25-year-old girl opinions on any given political issue, which just means blindly misapplying compassion to any issue in order to feel like a good person. (This is because all women hate themselves, so they devote the majority of their cognitive energy trying to outwardly compensate.) This continues until you ask her about disciplining children, which is within her domain of competency. Then she sounds like Hitler.

The insight I had is adjacent and fairly obvious but still bears articulating: people are going to know a lot about whatever they are interested in. And they are going to have a very sober, realistic view of the topic. Because their interest is not in moralizing, their interest is in getting shit done.

Pilots are going to know a lot about planes, and have pretty strong opinions about the correct way to operate them. Programmers are going to know a lot about computers. Etc.

What about in politics?

Right-wing racetards have a much more sober and correct view of the landscape of race differences than those in the political mainstream. Find me a white nationalist who won’t admit that Asians are better at math or that east Africans are better at running marathons.

Well: people with nefarious interests will lie about their interests. It’s much harder to lie about competency.

So, in a Bayesian manner, you can reverse engineer people’s true interests by evaluating their competency.

So let’s ask this question about the woke. Nominally, the woke are hyper-interested in identity issues like race, gender, social class, and disability.

Does anything they say about those issues make sense? No. It’s [antisense] (a term I invite you to adopt).

However, there is one thing that they understand very very well: how to accumulate power rapidly and impose their will on other people.

Importantly, they specifically understand the relationship between language and power. They don’t talk about this much in public. But it’s a central tenet of their internal literature. And if you pay attention, it’s a central tenet of their strategy.

In the simplest case, they constantly redefine common words, usually to mean the opposite of the common meaning. See: “racist”, “woman”, “black”. Just to name a few examples.

zx (the owner of this site) moved to Japan, married a Japanese woman, and had a bunch of Japanese kids, specifically because he is [racist].

Admiral TrannyTits is a [woman].

Clarence Thomas is not [black]

The woke do not believe language has literal meaning. They believe words only have meaning in relationship to other words. They believe (correctly) that reality is unknowable, and (incorrectly) that truth is simply a matter of perception. And language is our primary tool for enforcing perception. Therefore, if you can control language, you can enforce perception.

That’s why memes like this don’t really work.

Clarence Thomas is not [black]. Larry Elder is a [white supremacist]

I think I will probably start a series explaining how the woke operate, and how to fight them.

Those of us who are interested in leaving a legacy beyond our own lifespans have a lot to learn from the woke.

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