Podcast: The Roman Rapist Mindset, measuring your goals and why Euclid’s parallel copy procedure breaks (answer: I did it incorrectly)

This started as one of my Euclid videos, and ended up being an interesting conversation over an entire range of topics. The Euclid parallel copy question got answered, at 01:37:34. The first two hours or so are about the Euclid series as a whole, explaining the idea and what my plans are with the series. The third hour is a more general discussion, the locus of which is the “measuring-your-goals” problem, and how so many problems in the managerialist world are downstream of this simple mistake. I will eventually write a blog post specifically about the MYG problem. If you look around, about 60% of the problems in the world are a direct consequence of it.

Part 2 of this is recorded and I just need to edit it.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:34 Back, reading proposition
00:20:04 The Roman Rapist Mindset, and Euclid versus FQA
00:24:24 The visual Euclidean algorithm
00:26:54 Rape of the Sabine Women
00:28:44 Craig speaks, shape rotators versus wordcels
00:31:24 The water glass thing
00:34:04 Craig ate breakfast today so he's not hungry, space walk
00:39:04 the math discord and my transition story
00:42:54 back to euclid
00:46:19 Roman therapy
00:48:14 No straight guy would be an effective OnlyFans whore pimp, extractive versus productive
00:55:54 Elon Musk is the ideal male
01:01:44 Chord product theorem (Book 3 Prop 35), future plans, and being rigorlicious
01:16:54 If the universe is a simulation, it's programmed by pajeets; MLB The Show; Wildberger meta-numbers
01:24:34 Baudrillard was right and mathematics is wrong
01:30:04 Continuing with Euclid
01:37:34 Euclid's broken parallel copy procedure; arrisu to bobbu; Euclid's original sin; iterated function systems
02:14:34 Arch appears; why Arch loves The Founder; Razib Khan
02:20:59 Is grooming good or bad?
02:22:04 Academia is the worst possible setting for creative work
02:25:34 The cup of water thing; Did Arch eat breakfast?; Craig Cannon on Gungans; MAID
02:40:34 French perfectionist culture; show your imperfect work
02:51:34 The measuring-your-goals problem; Daddy issues
03:08:34 Money is too cheap right now; crypto
03:15:34 Arch out
03:18:34 Aegora; my plan when I become dictator
03:22:04 Putin is demilitarizing the west
03:31:34 Fake sign language interpreters

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