Future site additions on the way

I am back (again) and can continue where I left off with other projects. On the list of zxq9 additions on the way are:

  • Completion of the Fast Food Fighter blog entries
  • Mirroring and expansion of an older (now defunct) site I once wrote for called BarfDader
  • Possible mirroring and expansion of a few WoTMUD related sites or pages
  • The completion of the special series I was writing on President Obama’s geopolitical challenges
  • The beginnings of the Fast Food Fighter video section layout and script

All of these things are on their way and will probably appear roughly in this order. The Fast Food Fighter section and Obama series are obvious and needed items that have been on my list for a while, but the WoTMUD and BarfDader parts might seem pretty out of place. I am interested for personal reasons in these two projects so I will simply create new sections of the site for them and leave them in relative isolation. Yahoo’s service changes are sending ripples across the internet and a lot of smaller sites which remain of significant interest to a somewhat small segment of the internet population are likely to suddenly disappear soon because of this.

I will probably be occupied for another week or two getting my personal and professional situation realigned once again before I can start any real work here again, but once I do these are the things I plan to get done first.

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