Day 25, Another rest day

I went to bed at an early-ish hour last night to try and get ahead of my fatigue, but it just wouldn’t take. Despite feeling tired all day I had trouble falling asleep last night and did not sleep soundly. Not what I expected, but then again I felt uncomfortable all over because most of my body felt either tired or slightly painful.

I woke up with some pretty awesome bed-head and wasn’t motivated to do much about that. I wasn’t motivated to do much of anything accept for eat more. I wasn’t ravenous like yesterday, but I still had a pretty good appetite.

My nappy face

Today was not a run day so the morning was nice and relaxing. I thought I could spend some time feeling myself out and at least get in for a light leg workout and boxing, but it just wasn’t going to happen today. I was too tired and my legs were already too strained feeling to be trying to kick anything. So… another rest day. I feel like I’m taking a lot of these, but comparing them with my output on the work days, things are coming out about right. A smoother pace feels better, though.

My new, other past-time: Assembling McDonald’s toys.

I noticed something interesting today. I looked visibly thinner in the mirror this morning than I did a week ago. The fat around my tummy is going away at an almost alarming rate, making me wonder if this diet, despite seeming so heavy, is actually a lot lighter than what I normally eat. I have done this level of work before, it is not so unusual for me… but I usually gain weight, not lose it. Body fat usually does go away, but as things stand right now I think I am actually lose weight overall and fat in particular.


That just makes me wonder what my normal diet calorie count actually is. One good thing about McDonald’s is that it is very easy to check how much you are eating of what if you compare your receipts with the table they publish. When I cook at home I usually make things from scratch so I have no clue how much of what is in which thing. Interesting consequence.

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