While I’m not surprised that there are at least rumors of a buildup against Iran, the news is at least morbidly interesting.

It should be noted, however, that absolute jingoist media reportage of this supposed buildup could become self-fulfilling prophecy. Iranians think that Americans want their blood, but the top leaders know this is ridiculous – at least right now. The Americans know that the Iranians want their blood for real, and prove it every day. Once the Iranians think that America is really going to hit them, Iran will not hesitate to do commit an act of military stupidity as a move to trip-up any American attack (pretty pointless), a recon-by-fire of the American military response mechanism and/or an act of public defiance to use as a public relations tool for an anti-American resistance after an easy American win on the open battlefield.

On the other side of Iranian news, check this fatty out. He is pretty good at stringing together the Iranian version of newspeak. He’s also really fat and obviously facing the same challenges daily that he asks of others. He does get one thing right, putting the IRGC on the list will endear it to most Muslims worldwide. This implies that the majority of Muslims in the world support terrorism against non-Muslims, which I would also consider to be a broadly accurate statement.

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