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I apologize for my silence the last few days to all one of you who have been following my page.

To kick off the 26th of August, I would like to point out that not only is Earth merrily sailing through dark, cold, uncaring space on the verge of World War III (and this time it will encompass the whole world… now that’s doing a World War properly! What took us so long?), we are also on the edge of a few unfolding crisis that are smaller, far away from the one guy reading this, and therefore entertaining to watch and get into meaningless online arguments about: Russia.

The reason I say Russia is that they are stirring shit up again between the old Cold War rivals… though starting with small, manageable quantities of pissed-off populations this time, like pissing of Scandinavia and Great Britain. On the same tack they are also trying to intimidate their old post-Revolution satellites as well, but also in small, manageable quantities, in this case Georgia. The third prong of this delve into the world of national OCD is the sudden recognition Russia has that they monopolize most of “normal” Europe’s energy supply. The muscle being felt here is again being exerted in small, manageable quantities, specifically against

A lot of other Cold War deja vu is happening, but with the lines being drawn in slightly different places now… For example, since Russia seeks to replace France as the counterweight to the US (and actually is capable, where France couldn’t), the US us naturally creeping into old U.S.S.R. territory by doing what Americans do best, being friendly. Georgia is also reciprocating nicely. This could be a good thing for everybody… what’s odd to me is that Russia could be courted by the US directly and benefit hugely from that, but the political culture there is still too paranoid to recognize it.

Weird. We actually could all get along worldwide. Even China could be corrupted by the hugely profitable realizations a settled population and no real military enemies if they will normalize their economy… and maybe Russia will someday recognize the benefit of playing nice and fair… and then the only real problem left to the world would be Islam and disease…

And a blank check signed by Mrs. Rosie O’Donald-Trump could slip out of my ass tonight as I sleep…

In the stupid news department, the French public have decided to do what the US public typically does, elect a potentially great guy and then blame things on him that he can’t possibly have been responsible for. In this case:
“The hope he inspired with promises of changing the way France works has turned to worry amid turmoil in world markets and lackluster economic growth figures – causing his stellar support ratings to slip slightly.”

That is such a modern media thing to say, isn’t it? He just got elected a few weeks ago and now his approval ratings are going down because the market’s not sunny, last year’s economic figures are in, the Japanese central bank raised interest rates, Americans have broad-based personal credit issues to deal with, not everybody in France is already hired and the same old retired people who voted long ago to dump the economic baggage of that insanely socialized country on the backs of the very few offspring they had that didn’t leave France already? What, that takes time to effect?!? Jeeze… I thought that you just elect someone and POOF! the country gets better instantly… I’ve been so wrong!

I guess once folks realize that history, culture, currently effective regulation and the other vast parts of the government are something that can keep a single man from changing the course of a nation overnight Barak Obama’s campaign speeches will look downright silly, as will Edwards’! Sheesh…

Sorry, I don’t have a ton of links today to back up a lot of what I said… yet… I might get around to adding them. This particular entry is loaded with un-realized linkage potential.

But its 0242 right now and I’m sleepy… like most long entries, its loaded with stuff I saw over the course of the day and didn’t say anything about until now, and now I’m sleepy…


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