If you’re into Valkyrie battle goddesses, as I am, then you probably agree that this girl is way, way hot. For some reason images of her and her team playing against Northeast (?) popped up when I did a search for “oops” on Google images. That’s weird but pleasant. Sorry, much like the Russian soldier I’ve got a few articles down, she has nothing to do with the story here… at all, in this case. At least I was writing about Russians in that other one. Anyway, let’s enjoy images of lovely active women together!

And onto the funny thing I bumped into on MyWay this morning… Two financial news articles, being posted one before the other. Just check them out for yourself:

There’s nothing of real interest in these two articles that isn’t already being pointed out all across the financial web. I just thought the positioning was funny. Something weird about the way institutions we assume (or just hope?) are infallible can seem so much more human at times.

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