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2007.11.1 10:25


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Hizbullah is rearming as fast as it can, all with the help and loving support of Iran. Big shocker there.

I wonder if anyone notices that this is a pattern laid out in the Koran and the Hadiths? The Muslim playbook has not changed, ever. This should not be news, and perhaps the most frightening thing about this being in the newspaper is not that Iran is rearming Hizbullah, or even that Iran has a long-term plan in place already to take over Iraq (not a new idea), squish everyone the don’t like in the Middle East, destroy Europe and everyone in it, then wipe Israel off the map (and all the Jews with it), and then go after the US after consolidating geo-political gains by pressuring the Asians to shut up while they deal with the US. No, this is not the most frightening part in my mind. I think the most frightening part of it all is contemplating why it is necessary for this to be considered “news” when its simply the way the world is.
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