In today’s world, it is reasonable to leave all your money to your dog, as indicated below. Its is also reasonable today to blame the Virginia Tech President for the school shootings a few months ago.

Is this really reasonable? I can’t imagine that it is. There is nothing he could have done to know about this earlier, no blame you can really place on this guy for those kids dying, or those kids being wimps and not collectively defending themselves with lethal force when faced with lethal force.

If the kid hadn’t committed suicide, then he would still be around to blame, and his lawyers would naturally shift the blame to the “system” somewhere, somehow. The “system” is always a good thing to blame, since it has no face, no name and can’t be pinned down to brought to court.

This school president is somehow supposed to have shit a squad of super-ninjas to attack the kid before anything bad happened. That requires a lot of prior planning, knowledge and time. None of the things this guy had. Its nowhere in his job description that he be held responsible to be effective at defending witless students from blood-crazed murderers, either. But that’s what we’re blaming him for not doing.

Now everyone wants him to step down as president. Wouldn’t that be a stroke of black luck for him… Not only did your school wind up (by mere chance) being the site of a horrible school shooting, you lose your job over it too! Yeah! That makes sense. Of course, this guy has probably thought long and hard about what he could have done in hindsight… He’s probably learned from it. He has experience now that very few school presidents have, I would imagine. That is a good reason to leave him in office, I would think. But that’s just me.

I still maintain my previous assessment that the only people who could have prevented some of the deaths at Virginia Tech that day are the people who were actually there, in the classrooms at the time. That’s it. Nobody else. This was not a hostage situation that evolved and the police were aware of already, this is not a situation the school president got some secret information about the day prior and failed to act on. For all intents and purposes for those involved, this was a random event.

If we’re going to whine every time someone dies while they’re still young enough for us to remember them in a beautiful way, then why don’t we at least pitch a fit about the deaths that really are preventable, like the train accident today. Oh, I’m sorry, that wasn’t in America, so nobody cares.

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