Now this is just getting funny. Now the cop who arrested Sen. Craig is saying that Craig is lying… or at least that’s how the article reads. The fact of it is that the officer is not coming out today and saying Craig lied, this is what’s on the tape taken a few minutes after the arrest.

So basically, Craig gets arrested, he thinks he’s innocent and the deposition the cop takes a few minutes later is full of Sen. Craig telling him “I don’t know what you’re talking about”.

That being said, of course it is going to look bad! The police department put an undercover officer in a mens restroom specifically to troll for gay sex. That does seem a bit like entrapment to me, actually. I can’t see how all of this adds up to ousting a senator, really. I think that it is quite plausible that Sen. Craig went to the bathroom, made poopie, and the officer next to him who is supposed to try to get people into bad situations and interpret actions with a specific intent to make arrests got a little overzealous and arrested him.

Who knows. But my whole point here is, who cares? Seriously. This is not a big deal and could easily just be a misunderstanding. I don’t really understand why this guy is being crucified.

Hell, I don’t even care that Bill Clinton was running around with a fat intern at the White House, so long as he was doing his job. What I think is a much bigger deal that nobody seems to remember or even call attention to at the time was him killing a bunch of Iraqis in response to a months-old event the day prior to his impeachment hearing in Congress… Yeah, I don’t have any problem with killing Iraqis, as you can probably imagine, but you can’t do it for no reason. Using that to enact the war powers of President and suspend Congress for one extra day because you and your penis got in trouble is just wrong… but whatever. Old news, nobody cares.

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