Wow, an actual, compellingly good article on personal privacy concerns from esecurityplanet. Not that they have bad writers or are particularly late to pick up a story, its just a slightly sloppier site that most of the more well established news outlets. Of course, they are a niche news site, and that means you should expect sloppy. But whatever. Anyway, this article focuses on an interesting duality in the personal privacy / “information freedoms” arguments: value. He points out that:

Just look at the difference between the love people have for player’s clubs (a glance at the huge lines standing outside the player’s club private lounge to get the free buffets inside tells you everything you need to know) versus the suspicion people have when they first notice how many cameras are pointed at them, just in the elevator alone.

and then the bomb:

Yes, yes, the cameras are there for the generic public good, but for a more specific and private good, you can’t beat a slab of free prime rib!

Excellent assessment.

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