I don’t have a lot of time to write about it now, but you should probably be paying attention to what the lunatic expansionist communist President of Venezuela is up to these days. He’s a nutbag, has no grounds for any of the things he says, and could care less about what is actually going on in the world… because he’s in a position to influence what people read, hear and think. So he can bend reality to his liking in Central and South America. Of course, his reach only goes so far, but he is trying to have a reach, and that will eventually be a problem.

This guy will eventually get too big for his britches, which he’s close to already, and try something intimidating against a neighboring state and then it’ll be time for the neighboring states to band against him and ask the US for help. And all the tough talk in the world won’t help him then. But anyway, that’s in the future. What is interesting is to study this guy now, while its happening, and see if we can predict where and when his downfall will come. I will venture right now that his downfall will come not from what he does inside Venezuela, but what he tries to do against his neighbors. Pay attention and learn! If this guy were from a real country it would be a big threat and we’d be talking serious about him right now.

Ah, he might get involved with supporting terrorists as he gets older, weirder and forgets that his rhetoric is only useful for the people to believe, but if he falls into the trap of believing his own shit then he’ll wind up doing something stupid. Supporting terrorism would be a quick way to the political (or real) grave for him. Hmmm… ?

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