Remember when I wrote that big long piece about the Chinese economy not being in healthy shape exactly a month ago? Well… check this out: obvious evidence of Chinese government panic over inflation. This is just the beginning, as I had mentioned before. This will be a very interesting thing for you to watch if you’re an economist, economics student, business student, into civil or business law, or generally interested in seeing evidence of how government meddling in economic affiars is a bad thing – other than existing examples of shitty economies everyone ignores in the race for new unneeded regulations such as: France, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, etc…

Something to note for those of you who haven’t seen the flip side of the general “economic expansion” percentage that gets bandied about in the media with no explanation for the uninitiated viewers at home:

The inflation spike came amid a boom that saw China’s economy expand by 11.9 percent last quarter, while stock and real estate prices are soaring. The country’s main stock index hit a new high of 5,460.08 points on Thursday morning.

High percentages are not always a good thing. There is a balance to it all and the more important number than “expansion” is “sustainable growth index”. For some reason, sustainment is something companies, governments and the media all neglect to think about most of the time with exception of the USA and (now) Japan.

I know, boring article on economics, but this is the sort of thing that drives wars and wars and cultural hatred tend to drive even more interesting events that war itself… which tend to roll back to economics… so its all related, and in that frame China’s upcoming problems are very interesting indeed! Of course, the above run-on sentence applies to normal human resource/power struggle wars that are so typical in history, not to the most present current war, which is one of ideological domination. Fortunately, those always fail. WHEW!

Sorry I haven’t been posting for the last two weeks or so if you’ve been following along. I don’t have anything but typical bloggish excuses for you: I’ve been busy. Moving… er, rather, helping a friend move… then getting hit with two typhoons last week (whoever drives those things knows how to aim for the weekends… grrr…) and covering down on a lot of things at work that are ordinarily not my job.

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