It seems today that Hardees and Carl’s Jr. (nearly same burger place, depends on where you live as to what you call it) have decided that the transition between food when its alive and food when its dead is a bigger deal than before.

I’m not trying to be insulting to animals or anything, but its not like they have a Bill or Rights… or a Constituion, either. Anyway, its their right to not die the same way they’ve been dying for thousands of years at the hands of us hungry omnivores. Its also their right to not be kept in cages, including when they are about to take that life-changing process that moves them from the “I’m going to eat that walking thing over there” zone to the “I’m going to eat that dead thing on my plate” zone.

When it comes to food animals, I don’t really see what the difference is anyway. Its not like I believe in delberate maltreatment of animals or anything, but isn’t there enough work to be done keeping animals safe who are not bred with the explicit intent of being killed and eaten at the earliest marketable opportunity?

Life feeds on life. That’s how things run in this giant solar-panel of an ecosystem. I suppose I’m required to appologize for having been born a partial meat-eater.

Strange side-note: Nobody seems to give a damn about fish suffering. Maybe because fish aren’t cut and furry, are much more difficult to make friends with and are generally alien invaders rarely seen anywhere terrestrial other than the dinner plate… which is right where they belong… yum yum… I found it highly ironic that the last person to get on a soap-box with me in person about animal cruelty did so while eating lobster at dinner with me… I think she doesn’t know much about how lobsters are prepared…

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