The Iranian president decided that the nuclear issue is over. Over as in he’s not discussing it anymore. When even countries like France begin talking about bombing a place because of its continual criminal conduct (as opposed to the previous French method of paying people for beince nice, and paying them more for being bad), its probably not a good time to call it quits and run away from the negotiating table.

Anyway, war is what Iran wants. In a limited way. It does not want a full-out invasion, beacuse that would involved a regime change and that would personally affect the leadership. They want a limited war, so when the tiny bit of dust settles they can do what Hezbullah did and claim abroad victory simpyl by not having been completely wiped out.

Whatever. I’m sick of Middle Eastern politics and Islamic dictatorships – official, elected or otherwise – at least for today. I’m too tired to write anything that would matter. I suppose that is always the case, though, considering that there is ample information that the Islamic world puts out on its own that unambiguously state their goals and methods. So I’ll can up about it. Iran says nuclear talks are over = eventual use of force by someone (probably after a lot of meaningless political blather in the 1st World and an equal amount of meaningless yelling for blood in the Islamic world…). Not that that’s any different. If Iran gets the bomb, they will use it or at least threaten to, and the 1st World will obliterate Iran. Maybe that is a better outcome afterall… Hmmm… ?

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