Episode IV: A New Hope




Blogging, as this is called, is a frustrating hobby. This is due to the unreliability of the free hosting providers out there. Hopefully this one will work out better, since I’m paying for it. Paying for stuff has its distinct advantages: there are now no ads on my site unless I am getting paid for them to be there, nobody is pushing any agenda to drive traffic this way or that accept for me, and I can do anything and host anything I want in this space now. Much better. Not bad for $5/mo, considering how much hosting used to cost.

So this is iteration 4 of my site. I let the other versions sink into that weird state of cyber-decay that dead sites tend toward on their way to eventual oblivion. I have saved a few articles that folks requested I keep alive from their days over at 360… I was surprised about that, since was certain nobody had ever read anything I wrote in the first place.

Anyway, here you have it, the new site. I’ve titled it “The Intellectual Wilderness” after the suggestion of one well-spoken detractor (read as “whiny ultra-liberal emo/goth-tard).

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