LibreCAD pre-release RPMs

LibreCAD as a whole is not polished enough for the project maintainer to feel comfortable making a major release just yet (but we’re pretty close). Within the project “major release” means a supported release that packagers from different distros can reference and at the moment the pace of development, feature implementation, menu swap-a-roo and bug […]

New LibreCAD Wiki

So after an extra week delay, I have finally created the LibreCAD Wiki. The purpose of this wiki is to provide a space for collaborative creation and editing of LibreCAD user and developer documentation, as well as a place to post tutorials. Unfortunately I’ve been kept overwhelmingly busy with work lately and wasn’t able to […]

Why is the term “pedophile” four times more prevalent than “Hezbollah” or “Iran”?

This is most shocking. I wrote a story a while back about how “To Catch a Predator” was losing itself to the overzealous, fever-fueled media sensationalization drive that promotes and sells the witch-hunt that counter-pedophilia initiatives have become. The article was a response to a YouTube video titled “Sex Crimes Sell: To Catch a Predator” […]

How to Display East Asian Fonts (i.e. Japanese) with WordExpress

I had been using Japanese text on and off for quite a while but I realized after I upgraded that my old posts had the old Japanese text changed from 日本語 to ?????? (2019-06-19 update: it happened again). It was a permanent change, too, and all my previous Japanese text was lost to the mystery […]