Another month without a blog entry. I’ve had my head out of the news for a bit… but this story is good enough to bring me back to write again. Its great… A 2nd-grader got suspended from school for drawing a picture of a gun. Granted, the picture is of a stick figure pointing the […]


I don’t usually talk smack about Russia, not for a lack of material but because Russia has lately been of trifling importance in my world; when I can spend a minute on China or a minute on Russia, China usually wins. But not today. Former (and the last) Soviet President Gorbachev (remember the guy with […]


The Iranian president decided that the nuclear issue is over. Over as in he’s not discussing it anymore. When even countries like France begin talking about bombing a place because of its continual criminal conduct (as opposed to the previous French method of paying people for beince nice, and paying them more for being bad), […]


It seems today that Hardees and Carl’s Jr. (nearly same burger place, depends on where you live as to what you call it) have decided that the transition between food when its alive and food when its dead is a bigger deal than before. I’m not trying to be insulting to animals or anything, but […]


I woke up at a little after midnight last night and went outside to stretch my legs. I looked up, and wouldn’t you know it, the Moon was out. Its about 1/2 right now, nothing unusual… accept that I noticed the Moon has an odd angle to it. Why odd? Odd because I’ve never seen […]


I don’t have a lot of time to write about it now, but you should probably be paying attention to what the lunatic expansionist communist President of Venezuela is up to these days. He’s a nutbag, has no grounds for any of the things he says, and could care less about what is actually going […]


I take back what I said about the news sucking today. The Fort-Worth Star Telegram totally made up for it with a story about a huge, scary, horror movie worthy spiderweb east of Dallas, Texas. Yes, the pic on this article is of some of the web. Here’s a video account. You know what they […]


 And once again, the news is saying that [a computer company (HP in this case)] is releasing the first Linux-based PC for the mass market. Hmm… This seems a bit un-news-worthy. IBM has been doing that for a long time, and it was big news back then, Dell has had a Linux PC for sale […]


Dieters are getting desperate. This was brought to my attention by a Japanese article somewhat humorously titled: “???????????????????????“, which translates to: “Can you really diet with a purposefully difficult to use fork?” Well, apparently the maker thinks so… check out their website. This is ridiculous. It reminds me of my sister’s experience setting up a […]