Wow, an actual, compellingly good article on personal privacy concerns from esecurityplanet. Not that they have bad writers or are particularly late to pick up a story, its just a slightly sloppier site that most of the more well established news outlets. Of course, they are a niche news site, and that means you should […]


I’d like to point out something hilarious. al-Jazeera’s online magazine is expected to have a conspiracy theory section that is taken deadly serious by the rumor-obsessed and largely self-imposedly ignorant… in Arabic. But al-Jazeera decided to continue this proud tradition of maintaining conspiracy theories as if it is a meaningful media endeavor in English as […]


There is an interesting turn of events in Iraq. Prime Minister al-Maliki has asked the militias in Iraq to stop fighting. This has deep implications that go beyond folks simply scratching their heads asking themselves “Why didn’t he just ask for that all this time and avoid fighting in the first place?” Muqtada al-Sadr froze […]


The internet is a place where anybody can write whatever they want regardless of credentials or viewpoint. This is liberating in a way. It also lets you see into the minds of countless nutbags. Check this place out. Its like a vote/rank site for conspiracy websites of the exact same sort used by MUDs and […]


Now this is just getting funny. Now the cop who arrested Sen. Craig is saying that Craig is lying… or at least that’s how the article reads. The fact of it is that the officer is not coming out today and saying Craig lied, this is what’s on the tape taken a few minutes after […]


In today’s world, it is reasonable to leave all your money to your dog, as indicated below. Its is also reasonable today to blame the Virginia Tech President for the school shootings a few months ago. Is this really reasonable? I can’t imagine that it is. There is nothing he could have done to know […]


Now I’ve heard it all. People are leaving their money to their pets. Not relatives, not even close ones, but to their pets. I thought I’d heard everything when the Internet taught me that the world is really run by a dark cabal that controls everything. Wouldn’t it be better to donate it to research […]


Here is a story I’m pretty sure the media is either going to sweep under the rug immediately or highlight as a real-life Saving Private Ryan type story. If they highlight it, they will focus on the family’s loss, not on the family’s continued support of the war in Iraq. Interesting, sad, patriotic. As a […]


The above is Allyson Felix, the gold medalist from the ? ??? (some world competition) in Osaka this evening. Super hot, super fast, and made the Jamaican girl look slow. Wow. Once again, this pic has nothing to do with the article below, but she’s really hot and I figured you’d like to look at […]


Another unconnected photo. Another female athlete I respect and think is amazingly sexy. Wow… South Korea is now the first country to break ranks and start conditioning terrorists to take hostages. South Korea’s behavior reinforces the terrorist policy of hostage taking to bring a fair-playing country to the table, and the formerly fair-playing Coalition member […]