Messaging: What Will It Do?

[Part 2 of a short series on messaging systems. (Part 1)] Having implemented messaging systems of various sizes and scopes in all sorts of environments, I’ve come up with a few guidelines for myself: If messaging is not the core service, make it an orthogonal network service. If possible make the messages ephemeral. If the […]

Messaging: Why Would You Do This?

[Part 1 of a short series on messaging systems. (Part 2)] Messaging is a feature that seems to wind up on the ZOMG MUST HAVE!!1! feature list long after initial system deployment quite a bit these days. I’ve been getting asked about this a lot lately, so I’ve written down my generic advice here for […]

Obama’s: Appointments and Setting Up Political Maintenance

Stratfor published an interesting article on 2008.11.12 which greatly compliments the Obama series I am currently writing (and bogged down on because of my job). This article focuses on the domestic political maintenance and control issues underlying Obama’s first political appointments but a careful read more than hints at several factors I am touching on […]

The Defining Realities of Russia and Cold War II

This is part 1 of an 18-part series on the geopolitical challenges which will confront the new American President, Barak Obama, and force definitions in his foreign policy. To understand the geopolitical challenges the US faces from 2009 forward it is necessary to understand the major forces at play in the world and the conflicting […]

Implications of Democratic Control of Congress and Presidency

I have been pretty quiet about the elections in the US. This is because in addition to recently catching up with what is going on I have had a lot to consider before writing anything except for a simple article explaining a simple situation. I have also always maintained that the course a nation takes […]