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2007.08.15 10:01

Malleable Media

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More charming words from a foreign in England. How sweet, they are trying so hard to share their culture.

In other news, this girl is ready to make herself famous! Nice going, Arab Educators, your Kung Fu is definitely stronger than the Korean hate-instilling version. I’m fairly certain that while growing up in Texas if I were to have drawn similar pictures with Mexico, Canada, American Indians, Nazis, black people or even the good old fashioned fun-to-hate Jews as the subject, I would have been suspended at a minimum (and likely gotten my ass kicked at home by my father for being a hate-spouting retard). If American children did this today with Muslim terrorists as the subject, they would be disciplined harshly. Of course, that does not work both ways. If you are a Muslim living in the non-Muslim West that you must destroy, you can file what amounts to an EO complaint and be taken seriously.

But then again, there is no money for Americans, Japanese or Europeans if they write hate literature, develop victim cultures or teach their children to hate. They’re already on top of the world and have proven in the no-holds-barred arenas of science, commerce and war that their cultures are simply more efficient and worth working within and for, living within and for and dying for… though at the rate of roughly 700,000 Muslims to 3,600 Americans so far, the inefficient societies are showing just how drastically more inefficient they are already. That is not sustainable, regardless how many media stunts are attempted to the contrary.

On the subject of media stunts, it still amazes me that Middle Eastern media releases will base an emotionally rousing statement on a completely facetious event. It is even more amazing to me that Western media will take such releases seriously without investigating, despite the inevitable retraction (I suppose that on the balance breathtaking stories are worth more than the slight sting of a retraction, so long as the retractions aren’t too public or too frequent). In this case, the proposed attacks on holy sites is something they pulled straight out of their ass, but the strong-sounding, resolute and unifying commitment to a harsh retribution is what they wish the public to see. Of course they expect, and rightly so, the majority of their target audience to not read the entire article or realize that even the falsely stated threat is not from the United States, but by absence of knowledge the local Middle Eastern media consumer and likely most of the Western media consumers as well will fill in the blank in their mind with the United States or Israel.

[Note on edit: It seems they have already filled in the blank completely, taken down the old story, – which is already now a dead link, unsurprisingly, as it didn’t mention the US 2 hours ago – and the new reality has been woven to include specifically anti-US rhetoric. Its history-changing in action! Amazing. And you saw it here first! Or second… or whatever… this has been going on for quite some time, I’d imagine… Its weird to actually watch it happening, though. I wish I could stay up for a few more hours and watch the story of the story unfold and chronicle it… I should have screenshotted these changes to post them. Damn… missed opportunity.]

Humans never cease to amaze.

Situation Normal: European Muslims Angry

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Interesting idea above. Like the image posted earlier today, this is probably a surprise if your media perspective is specifically that of a typical self-loathing American or British anti-patriot. The lesson he is referring to is that you must lay down to the power of Islam absolutely or get stung for it. There are no compromises allowable under Islam. All non-believers are absolute enemies of God and there can be no peace until there are no more enemies. That’s a mighty big lesson for the entire successful world to swallow at once. I don’t think the entire world is interested in complying. (Even the Muslim world isn’t interested in complying!)


The Bloody Pendulum Continues its Swing in Europe

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The Muslims figured it out: Europe is the cancer, Islam is the answer. Or at least Islam predicts this conclusion anyway… but not just about Europe (apparently Buddhists are bad too… now that’s crazy…). Coming from an American perspective, the sign this guy’s holding might not make sense — many Americans aren’t aware just how bad the Muslim situation in Europe is (or often that there is a Muslim situation in Europe at all). There have been many, many problems in and around Europe.

Unfortunately for Muslims (especially the ones in Europe) the Europeans don’t have any historical precedent for taking a balanced approach when it comes to dealing with social upheaval of the sort the Muslims are threatening. European societies go through phases, swinging much like a pendulum. For decades a whole set of countries may engage in art and poetry and sexual artistry and hard sciences without a care in the world because life is exactly as beautiful as they can make it — until the illusion of universal love breaks down. Then they holocaust entire societies.

American society has never gone that route — either because the influences of the melting pot concept of American society, or perhaps just because the US isn’t an old enough country to have experienced its Hitlers yet. I’m not saying that what happened to the Native Americans was nice or that slavery was a beautiful thing, but they were both one time affairs and pale in comparison toiterative atrocities you’ll find littering the pages of European history. There is a huge difference between the two.

European nations all have a long history of efficiently planned and executed population extermination and forced relocations. Unfortunately it is a little scary. But then again, so are most the things Eric Arthur Blair (AKA George Orwell) and Winston Churchill had to say before WWII kicked off, though that did not make them wrong. (I find this piece funny, though…) People at that time thought the world was going to shit in a permanent way with a civil war already on in Spain, a horribly bloody, backstabby revolution going on in Eastern Europe and Russia, and no clear picture for how the future of colonial Africa was to turn out. But most folks simply refused to see WWII coming and even refused to see the rise of Hitler as a threat, despite his numerous and quite explicit declaration of intentions. Funny that we’re there all over again, and its Europe again.

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