Musharraf sets himself up for final disaster

Musharraf has finally done it. He crossed the last line of acceptability in his struggle to retain power to the bitter end. He has arrested the opposition leader in Pakistan and set the stage even more firmly for a flagrant violation of his own Constitution… or not, that’s right, he already overrode it citing some […]

Big news! A well-written political article!

This blew me away. I’ve never seen a well-written, balanced article about politics come from the AP. Lately, the AP has decided that they’re all a bunch of Dick Traceys and have been conducting “investigations” and things instead of just reporting the news. In other words, they have often been guilty of trying to seed […]

Funeral protesting church contradicting itself

We’ve all heard about the church that’s protesting military funerals, holding signs up like “God hates fags”, “Too late to pray” and other such nonsense. Their position is that since the US “supports” homosexuality, all US soldiers go to Hell. Moreover, they maintain that our casualties in Iraq are caused by God’s anger at the […]

Julie Myers in trouble for employee’s costume at party… does this make sense?

Here’s a new one for you. Julie Myers, the Director of Immigration and Customs enforcement, is in some hot water now because one of her employees dressed up like an escaped prisoner for a Halloween party. Nobody at the party had a problem with this and apparently that costume won a prize for being done […]

O.J. gets the book thrown at him, plaintiff should be flogged

O.J. being in trouble again isn’t news to anyone, but check the plaintiff out! This guy his hilarious. He called “Inside Edition” before he called the police, or so things increasingly seem. It is understandable for the justice system of every state to want to throw the book at O.J. for any and all infractions […]

Will Japan ever feel comfortable using its military?

Today the US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, spoke at a university in Tokyo about Japanese involvement in international security missions. He was very pointed about Japan’s necessary engagement in the North Korea nuclear negotiations, and also mentioned broader Japanese security roles globally. There are two very different views of Japan based on two entirely different […]

Why isn’t 15,935 > 3,850 a true statement in the media?

I stumbled on an interesting statistic today at the Department of Justice website. According to the 1999 NHTSA alcohol related incident survey, 15,935 people died in alcohol-related automobile crashes in 1998 alone. This was only 38% of all traffic-related fatalities. By that math about 41,934 people died in 1998 in traffic-related incidents. That’s just 1998. […]

Unusual spike in large international headlines; Mummy… ATTACKS!

Lately there has been a normal average of about 2 to 5 large international headlines per week. Today we have 3 all at once. What I define as a big headline is something that indicates a shift from the current course of the news. Note that the “course of the news” and the “course of […]