Do NATO members really not want Ukraine, or do they not want another Russian energy crisis?

Viktor Yushchenko, the current President of Ukraine, said on April 18th (sorry I missed it earlier) that most members of NATO don’t want Ukraine as a member. After all the work that went into defying Russia, having the Orange Revolution, placing Eastern Europe into a pro-Western condition, etc. why would Yushchenko say something like that? […]

Why is the term “pedophile” four times more prevalent than “Hezbollah” or “Iran”?

This is most shocking. I wrote a story a while back about how “To Catch a Predator” was losing itself to the overzealous, fever-fueled media sensationalization drive that promotes and sells the witch-hunt that counter-pedophilia initiatives have become. The article was a response to a YouTube video titled “Sex Crimes Sell: To Catch a Predator” […]

Israel’s Recent and Uncharacteristic Aggressive Stances: A Possible Explanation

Aggressive stances don’t usually come out of Israel, despite what the press likes to say. Without committing to overtly offensive maneuvers in the region, though, Israel has had some strong things to say to neighbors and even allies lately, and has committed to some very serious military and social exercises. All of Israel’s maneuvers and […]

A Potential for Hezbollah Independence: What Does it Mean for Us?

There is a potential for Hezbollah to become an entity independent of national support. What does it mean for us? I will here try to (briefly) explore how Hezbollah could become an independent organization and further how that would effect the games currently being played in their name as well as the games being played […]

Food Shortages and Beyond… way Beyond

Quietly but steadily, food prices have been edging up worldwide. This is in direct response to traditional supply and demand issues but the type of governmental maneuvering this is causing is interesting, indicating this is not simply a traditional event. Several typical food (and by this I really mean grain) importers have been imposing new […]

Actors Thought Team America Was (Almost) Real, Springsteen Follows Example of F.A.G.

Everyone! You can stop thinking for yourselves now if you haven’t already, noted genius/political scientist/played-out rock star Bruce Springsteen has endorsed Barak Hussein Obama for President today. We all know he was very much boooorn in the U.S.A. and all, and he wrote a lot of songs but why is it that so many people […]

How to Display East Asian Fonts (i.e. Japanese) with WordExpress

I had been using Japanese text on and off for quite a while but I realized after I upgraded that my old posts had the old Japanese text changed from 日本語 to ?????? (2019-06-19 update: it happened again). It was a permanent change, too, and all my previous Japanese text was lost to the mystery […]

The Extra Element of European Instability: Common Currency

Europe has been a prize of conquest many have sought over the centuries. The Romans, the Gauls, the Teutons, the Prussians, the Napoleonic French, the English in one way or another, the Germans in World Wars I and II, etc. all coveted having complete control over the Continent, despite the inherent difficulty in assembling the […]

Yushchenko’s NATO Delay Shrewd, Best of Shitty Alternatives

The Ukrainian President, Viktor Yushchenko, has made several moves toward joining the West and separating from Russian influence. There are internal debates about this but overall it seems that pro-West influence is rising and generally the public seems to realize that life under a Western-style capitalist, decentralized and democratic government tends to be more prosperous […]

Why Hadley Considers an Olypmic Boycott an Empty Gesture

The national security adviser, Stephen Hadley, called a boycott of the Olympic Games opening ceremonies a cop-out response by leaders to human rights issues. Note here that this is a very different thing from actually boycotting the Olympic Games. Lots of folks in the public are upset about this without fully understanding what Hadley meant […]