Russia and Ukraine: The reasoning of the Kerch Strait dispute

Russia and Ukraine have been going at it on a variety of fronts in the last few years. This is no secret and easy to understand. Whenever an ex-Soviet satellite state which has long been an assumed possession of Moscow tries to move West and distance itself from its historical master friction ensues, to put […]

The Defining Realities of Russia and Cold War II

This is part 1 of an 18-part series on the geopolitical challenges which will confront the new American President, Barak Obama, and force definitions in his foreign policy. To understand the geopolitical challenges the US faces from 2009 forward it is necessary to understand the major forces at play in the world and the conflicting […]

Implications of Democratic Control of Congress and Presidency

I have been pretty quiet about the elections in the US. This is because in addition to recently catching up with what is going on I have had a lot to consider before writing anything except for a simple article explaining a simple situation. I have also always maintained that the course a nation takes […]

Japan, China, South Korea to Meet, Discuss Asian IMF Alternative

Japan, China and South Korea are planning an Asian economic summit in Fukuoka, Yonhap reports. This is unusual considering how belligerent most Chinese and Korean officials are when talking with Japan about anything, but not big news of its own. The interesting thing is what will likely be on the agenda. Several Asian nations have […]

Pakistani “Awakening Council” Type Movement Course May Be Set

On November 2 a suicide truck bomb detonated in South Waziristan killing 8 members of the paramilitary Frontier Corps, a group that Islamabad sponsors to fight what it considers “bad” Taliban (as distinct from “good” Taliban who are pro-Islamabad and somewhat more controllable by the ISI). The idea of the Frontier Corps has evolved from […]

A Potential for Brazil to Support the Bolivan Opposition

Bolivia is currently experiencing a major internal conflict between the energy producing lowlands and the more impoverished highlands which are a social and economic drain on the economy. The President, Evo Morales, is from the highland region himself and was elected in large part because of his campaign promise to enact wealth redistribution programs to […]