Swine Flu — Another excuse for trade protectionism

The mass media is chasing (or creating, depending on your point of view) the buzz about the big bad Mexican swine flu. The key here is that its new, not that its dangerous. It has killed a few tens of people, but a few hundred thousand people die every year from various strains of influenza […]

A blatant example of media bias: Possible reasons

The AFP released an article today that was downright comical by any standard of journalism. For starters its was titled “Obama dominates in first 100 days” — a title more fitting a “news” release from Xinghua, Interfax, or KCNA (respectively the Chinese, Russian and North Korean state controlled media outlets). For finishers it was a […]

The International (ザ・バンク): Another Misdirected Media Swing

I just saw a movie today titled “The International”. It was a fairly typical dark cabal conspiracy storyline with an equally typical open ending designed to leave us feeling a bit hopeless to see the “bad” world ever change for the better. We can see a conscious effort in this movie to blame the ills […]