Saudi Arabia gives Israel flight corridor to attack Iran: Regional reasoning

On June 11th the Saudis merely shared with Israel a mutual distrust of Iran. On June 12th the Saudis leveraged this by going public with their plan to grant Israel an open flight corridor for airstrikes on Iran. This means, at least on the surface, that Israel would have an alternate route available if the […]

Iran trying to steal anti-Israel spotlight from Turkey

As I mentioned in my hasty article about the fallout of the Gaza blockade stunt, Iran is not likely to let the anti-Jewish scoreboard alone at Turkey-31,457 Iran-31,456. I had mentioned Hezbollah as a likely conduit for their publicity garnering impulses, but perhaps that was a bit hasty of me. Hezbollah is, after all, a […]

Flotilas and the Wars of Public Opinion

Here is a report from Stratfor about the Turkish convoy incident. It covers most of the same ground that I did while the event was still unfolding, but is far more concise (and benefits from a rigorous review and revision process whereas my pile of words was a once-through speed write/brain dump). This article includes […]