American Geopolitical Imperatives: A (rough) Primer

[2018-01-31: The following is an incomplete rough draft of an article I’m writing to have a single place to reference whenever anyone asks me sweeping questions about what I mean by “geopolitics” and “geopolitical imperatives”. This note will be removed once it is more complete. Thanks to Joe Armstrong for convincing me that it is […]

James Mickens: Life as a Developer

Below is a somewhat whimsical talk given by James Mickens last year titled Life as a Developer: My Code Does Not Work Because I am a Victim of Complex Societal Factors That are Beyond My Control. (If you recall, Mickens is the guy who did the insane/awesome Monitorama talk about the cloud a few years […]

Laws Derived From Moral Panics Are Dangerous

Politicians love morality laws. They really love sex laws. They really love child protection laws. And they really really love child sex laws. Manufactured moral panics are awesome if you are a career politician. By leveraging a moral panic you can whip people into a frenzy, warping their perception of reality to the point that […]