After updating the MySQL tables to a UTF8 multibyte encoding… どうなるかな? Hopefully that isn’t just a bunch of nonsense. UPDATE: WOW! Now things work like they are supposed to!Unfortunately, however, it seems that all of my previous posts that used UTF-8 are lost… and I have no idea how to recover them. That’s super disappointing.

You don’t have time to play games

There is only one way to develop graduate-level expertise in more than one narrow specialty: self education. The time commitment required is larger than most people are willing to consider — so large that the people who tend to apply themselves to the degree required don’t notice they are doing it.


WP????????????????UTF-8????????????????? ??????????????… ?????????? Hmmmm… This is super annoying. After some WordPress update I’ve completely lost the ability to use UTF-8 on my blog. Utterly ridiculous. I was hoping it was simply some silly thing going on with encoding tags embedded in a theme or something similar, but nope — all UTF-8 seems to be utterly […]


IRC will never die.It will never die because its minimal implementation is useful. Windows will die, but only after rotting all the way through.It will continue to persist for the next few decades not because its minimal definition is useful (there is no minimal definition), but as a consequence of deliberate strategic choices that were […]