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2019.10.17 10:58

“Kintergarten Cop”: Amazing Efficiency

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I recently re-watched Kindergarten Cop, a 1990’s action comedy with Arnold Schwarzenegger where he (duh) plays a hard-boiled cop who becomes a kindergarten teacher for a while.

Aside from the kid in class who utters the infamous line about how one can identify between boys and girls (his father is a gynecologist, see?) and how utterly EVIL such a statement of common sense knowledge being uttered by a child would be in today’s world of identity warfare, the main thing that stuck out to me was how incredibly efficient the story was.

The movie followed the law of Chekhov’s Gun to the extreme. Every single device introduced was actually followed up on. Every setup had a payoff. Every joke had a setup (whoa!). Every bit of “Oh, I wonder if…” detail in the movie was actually used. It was sort of amazing to watch just how incredibly tidy the entire production was.

I haven’t looked into who was involved in the production, but the level of skill involved in creating such a tight, concise bit of storytelling (even if predictable and leaning hard on a few somewhat worn-out character tropes, even by 1990’s standards) indicates a vast experience in either writing efficient stories or maybe a master editor involved at the end.

I wish I was that clean about designing systems!

2015.11.7 15:11

We got a different StarWars Trailer in Japan

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I live in Japan. The new Japanese trailer for Star Wars that I saw today was not the same as the new English one that I was shown on a website. Huh?

Disney is apparently doing a striptease by varying what they show in different language versions. Sneaky — and probably a really good strategy. As immune as I generally am to trailers, this is still pretty badass. Its Star Wars after all:

In marketing as in sex, it seems, being teased is at least half the fun.


I’m going to be enormously pissed if I actually go to the trouble to see this in the theater out here and it sucks. I don’t imagine it will suck, but that’s the problem with being teased too intensely — once the main event has begun all that teasing just leads to a huge letdown if she’s only as exciting as a pretty pillow (yeah that’s a real thing, with its own wikipedia page…). Too much anticipation can make an otherwise pretty good experience seem cheap.

I really hope this isn’t Episode I all over again.

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