Silly: Hextexting via the command line…

A silly thread on Twitter came to my attention today that stirred some late 1980’s/1990’s phreak/hax0r nostalgia in me. So, of course, I did what any geek would do, wrote a one-off utility script for it. Have fun confusing your parents, kids. #! /usr/bin/env escript -mode(compile). main([Command | Input]) -> ok = io:setopts([{encoding, unicode}]), Output […]

Erlang: Silly way to see if your shell supports VT100 commands

There are a few cases where it can be useful to use VT100 terminal commands in shell interaction scripts to draw frames, progressbars, menu lines, position the cursor, clear the screen, colorize text, etc. I actually have a small library of utilities like this I might eventually release, but its a pretty niche need. Anyway, […]