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Official Language Docs

Erlang R26.0 Docs Mirror

Erlang R25.3 Docs Mirror

Erlang R24.3 Docs Mirror

Erlang R23.0 Docs Mirror

Erlang R22.0 Docs Mirror

Erlang R21.0 Docs Mirror

Erlang R20.3 Docs Mirror

Erlang R19.1 Docs Mirror

Erlang R18.0 Docs Mirror

Project Docs

ZX/Zomp docs (development, packaging, distribution and launching tool suite for Erlang)

Vanillae: Aeternity blockchain bindings and utilities for Erlang, JS/TS and other languages

ZJ docs (JSON encoder/decoder)

zuuid docs (UUID v1~5 generator)

zxWidgets docs


The ErlMUD Commentaries

[blog] The most basic Erlang service ⇒ worker pattern

[SO] Erlang Processes vs Java Threads

[SO] Function chaining in Erlang

[SO] recursion - Explanation of lists:fold function

[SO] if statement - Erlang: nested cases

[blog] Messaging: Part 1 and Part 2

[blog] Pure Declarations in Erlang

Code, Repos, etc.

ZX - Utility for Erlang development, distribution, release and launching

Zomp - Server component of the ZX/Zomp system

zj - Tiny, portable JSON parser in pure Erlang

zuuid - Standard compliant UUID generator in Erlang

ErlMUD source on GitLab

zxWidgets - Metawidget library for using wx in Erlang