ZX: search

zx search Tag

Search for packages that have the tag entered above. For example, a UUID generator program is likely to have the tag "uuid" listed in its tags, a JSON encoder/decoder will probably have "json" in its tags, and so on, so they can be found this way without much fuss.

ceverett@okonomiyaki:~$ zx search uuid
ceverett@okonomiyaki:~$ zx search json

Because the output is a list of valid package IDs the output can be used in pipes:

ceverett@okonomiyaki:~$ zx describe $(zx search json | tail -n1)
Package : otpr-zj-1.0.5
Name    : zj
Type    : lib
Desc    : A tiny JSON encoder/decoder in pure Erlang.
Author  : Craig Everett 
Web     : https://zxq9.com/projects/zj/docs/
Repo    : https://gitlab.com/zxq9/zj
Tags    : ["json","json encoder","json decoder"]