ZX: set version

zx set version Version

Set the current project to an arbitrary version.

This updates the .app file in ebin/, the -vsn attibute in all .erl files (adding it after the -module attribute if omitted), updates the @version attribute in doc/ files (if present), and updates the zomp.meta record for the package.

Note that this command is completely arbitrary and simply forces a version change with no regard to the current package's semver history. This command is useful mostly as a follow-up to using "init" on a package undergoing initial inclusion in a Zomp realm, or inclusion in two or more Zomp realms that need to have different version trails for whatever reason.

ceverett@takoyaki:~/code/foo$ zx set version 4.5.6
0.1.0 -> 4.5.6

In the case a simple increment is required to the major, minor or patch version number, use the (far less error-prone) "verup" command.