And once again I treat myself to a picture of a lovely, active, athletic girl who whips people’s asses by throwing hard things at them… Totally irrelevant, but that’s how life generally is and should be. Everyone has already heard about the lewd conduct charges against Sen. Larry Craig. I’ve avoided saying anything until now, […]


If you’re into Valkyrie battle goddesses, as I am, then you probably agree that this girl is way, way hot. For some reason images of her and her team playing against Northeast (?) popped up when I did a search for “oops” on Google images. That’s weird but pleasant. Sorry, much like the Russian soldier […]


 Without getting too far into things, I would like to point out that Iran is now making open moves to seize power in Iraq… officially. That’s amazing to me, as they have always preferred the underhanded method of achieving any goal when it is available. Not that Iran would be satisfied with anything less than […]


??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????… (^_^) I apologize for my silence the last few days to all one of you who have been following my page. To kick off the 26th of August, I would like to point out that not only is Earth merrily sailing through dark, cold, uncaring space on the verge of World War III (and […]


Here is a pleasant example of some ridiculous legal gesturing… Mattel is suing a porn site because the actresses’ stage name is “China Barbie” and her domain name is www.chinabarbie.com. (No, I can’t activate this as a link because Yahoo will get upset on behalf of every Puritan out there who thinks your body is […]


While I’m not surprised that there are at least rumors of a buildup against Iran, the news is at least morbidly interesting. It should be noted, however, that absolute jingoist media reportage of this supposed buildup could become self-fulfilling prophecy. Iranians think that Americans want their blood, but the top leaders know this is ridiculous […]


Being in Okinawa I think its a little strange that if an American soldier has a car crash, gets into a fight or does anything at all that would appear on the police blotter in South Korea or Okinawa everyone knows instantly and it fans the flames of public resentment in hours, sometimes minutes. This […]

Why We Attempt Dangerous Rescues

The national drama about the trapped mine workers is still ongoing. With the accident today that killed 3 and injured more rescue workers many will ask themselves if the cost of the rescue operation is worth the payoff if the trapped men are recovered. This question is often asked in the military when the number […]

Trashy Media and Trashy News

I couldn’t help but notice this book cover… I’ve never seen such an outstanding example of a meaningless title before. The amazing thing is not that the title and the subtitle are in direct opposition to one another, rather that this is the sort of thing that not only sells well but is expected in political […]